Fibromyalgia Patients May Participate in Customized Activities at a Physical Fitness Facility in Lexington, MA

Women suffering from chronic pain may really wish they could become more physically fit but despair of ever being able to. They can achieve success with a customized program at a Physical Fitness Facility in Lexington MA. Through personalized training sessions and working in small groups, they aren’t forced into cookie-cutter recommendations that might aggravate their symptoms. The goals of the trainers directly relate to what these women want to accomplish. Beneficial weight loss, improved health, and more strength, flexibility, and mobility should be expected.

Consider a woman dealing with fibromyalgia. She may feel achy and fatigued much of the time, which is not motivating for exercising. Yet doctors encourage these patients to be active because exercising actually can decrease their pain and improve their quality of life.

Before beginning individualized sessions at a Physical Fitness Facility in Lexington MA, the client should discuss her doctor-mandated restrictions with the trainer. The trainer must be willing to address specific problems and modify workouts. For instance, a woman with fibromyalgia may not be able to do pushups because this puts too much pressure on the wrists. She might be able to accomplish modified pushups, however, such as a posture with the forearms on the floor. In addition, performing exercises that involve pushing away from a wall instead of pushing one’s body weight up from the floor may be suitable.

Slow, graceful movements tend to be better for a fibromyalgia patient than rapid bursts of vigorous energy. The client is likely to respond much better to exercises such as trunk twisters compared with the highly charged burpees. In addition, women with this condition can benefit from adjusted weight-lifting exercises at a center such as The Fitter Female. For instance, they might do an arm curl to the shoulder but then only lower the dumbbell halfway back to the thigh. They might be provided with a table on which they can set the dumbbells on the downward move, so they don’t put too much strain on their arms. A wide variety of fitness activities can help them get into better physical condition and obtain all-around improved well-being.

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