What Are Causes and Risk Factors of Spondylosis?

Spondylosis is a degenerative condition that includes bone spurs as well as degenerating discs in your spine. It can affect your neck, spine and lower back. Pain and discomfort can affect your legs as well, says the Coastal Back and Pain Institute.

This condition is typically age-related. Since spine degeneration is a factor, the older you get, the higher your chances are of coming down with the condition. And since it’s degenerative, you can expect the pain and discomfort to only grow worse over time.

When abnormal growths happen along your spine, they push out and displace your vertebra which then press on your nerve roots, which can result from supreme discomfort to pain.

This is another likely cause of nerve compression. Accidents such as a car crash, an awful tumble down the stairs or a hard tackle to the back of your knees can all result in direct compression on your nerve, which can lead to spondylosis.

Aside from age, there a number of factors  that make you more susceptible to the condition as well. These include:
*Severe arthritis. This condition can develop and make you a likely candidate for this condition.
*Past injuries in your neck. If your neck has been injured before, then that injury can act up again or make you vulnerable to spondylosis. Past injuries can weaken your cervical spine considerably. It’s like the aging process. It compromises the structure, making it easier for certain conditions to develop.
*Past spine surgery. This also serves to weaken your spinal structure, making spondylosis a likely possibility in your future.
Work. If you regularly perform activities that put stress on your neck, spine and lower back, then those are major factors as well.
*So if you think your back or neck pain is starting to feel like something else, go ahead and make sure. Consult a doctor or pain management specialist today.

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