Using 3D Ultrasound to Build Patient Relationships and Save Time and Money

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Medical Supplies

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Gynecologists are improving their relationship with their patients and saving time and money using 3D ultrasound machines. Physicians know that they need to exert special care when making a capital investment. They have to weigh the costs versus the benefit not only for their own pocketbook but especially for their patients. The 3D ultrasound system is becoming popular for obstetrics. It has been seen more and more as a cost-saving diagnostic solution for gynecologists as they offer care.

A 3D ultrasound machine gives a clear view of the coronal plane. It offers complete images of the gynecologic anatomy. With just a few images, physicians are able to gather the information that they cannot get with 2D ultrasound systems. In some instances, a 3D ultrasound system means that a patient does not have to take a trip to a secondary facility to get a CT scan or an MRI. Instead, they are able to stay in the office and see the same physician using technology that they are already comfortable with.

Most women have had ultrasounds in their life. Having a 3D ultrasound performed by a gynecologist that they trust builds a bond between the doctor and the patient. This doctor-patient confidence is key for the relationship going forward.

With a 3D ultrasound, the patient is able to see the images on the monitor and interact with the physician as the process is being carried out. There is no radiation claustrophobia with this type of ultrasound. The 3D view makes it easier for patients to grasp the conditions they are dealing with.

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