Testing Offered Through Allen ENT’s Allergy Services

Seasonal allergies affect people in a multitude of ways. However, some patients may discover that their allergies aren’t seasonally-based at all. When this happens, it is vital to undergo allergy testing to find the source of the problems.

Investigating Food Allergies

Food allergies affect millions of patients each year. Unfortunately, some patients have severe reactions before they discover that they have these allergies. In most instances, food allergies cause a rash, hives and, in more severe cases, could cause anaphylaxis. Parents with existing food allergies could save children the pain and discomfort by scheduling Allen ENT’s Allergy services.

Allergies to Metals

Children with metal allergies could discover a rash developing whenever they wear certain jewelry. If they have an allergy to copper, they may notice a small rash developing on their abdomen due to the button on their jeans. These allergies can cause the child to develop a serious rash that leads to cracks and bleeding.

Medication Allergies and Difficulties

Common medication allergies are associated with penicillin. These allergies could prove fatal depending on the child’s reaction. In most cases, the child will develop a rash and then begin to notice swelling of the skin. These conditions require fasting acting EpiPens to counteract the effects of the allergy. Children with these severe allergies may be prescribed an EpiPen by their doctor.

Ruling Out Seasonal Allergies

Children who develop several allergies should be tested thoroughly for commonly known allergies. The tests consist of introducing the substance to the skin. The tests may involve introducing several allergens at one time. The doctor evaluates the reaction and determines whether it denotes an allergic reaction.

The tests are conducted in the doctor’s office. The first round of tests usually includes common seasonal allergies. Once these allergens are ruled out, the doctor progresses to allergies in which the parents possess.

With allergy testing, you can ensure that your child doesn’t have an adverse reaction to foods, metals, or medications. Testing is offered through your local ear, nose, and throat doctor. The doctor helps to identify conditions that could cause an allergic reaction. With this knowledge, you can help to prevent reactions in the future. To learn more about these opportunities, schedule Allen ENT’s Allergy services today.

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