Reasons to Choose Skilled Nursing Home Care, Find a Facility in Arlington Heights

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Assisted Living

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If your loved one got injured or became seriously ill and had an extended stay in the hospital, they may not be fully ready to go back home or do normal activities just yet. They need the best skilled nursing home care in Arlington Heights that can help them recover so that they can enjoy their usual activities. Retirement communities usually have rehabilitative services available with nurses, doctors, therapists, and more. They have the time and patience required to help your loved one get better. Facilities in Arlington Heights offer a variety of benefits.

What Is It?

Skilled nursing home care means that a patient needs more care than what a traditional caregiver provides. They may need rehabilitation, tube feedings, and wound dressings. They may also need 24-hour monitoring until their health improves.

Manage Medication

Your loved one likely has a doctor they trust, but when they’re in a rehab facility, they may forget to take their medication or may be put on other medicines while they recover. They can still talk to their doctor, and their doctor can visit them if necessary. Otherwise, their physician works with the facility nurses to ensure that your loved one is on the right medicines.

Physical Therapy

In most cases, seniors who have been injured or seriously ill will need physical therapy. They have been lying in a hospital bed for days or weeks, which means they haven’t been getting exercise. Their muscles may also start to atrophy, which means they need to build muscle mass up so that they can hold items and perform normal activities when they recover and go home.

Skilled nursing home care is essential so that your loved one gets better. Visit The Moorings of Arlington Heights in Arlington Heights for more information.

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