Many Services Offered At A Skilled Nursing Facility Can Be Provided Through Home Health Care

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Senior Care

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Many services provided at Home Care Agency Philadelphia can be offered to people living in their own homes. With home health care from nursing assistants or licensed nurses, these individuals can continue living in their own familiar residence much longer than would otherwise be the case. This is an increasingly popular option for senior citizens who have developed some level of disability, whether the condition mainly has physical symptoms or is related to cognition and memory.

Depending on their qualifications, Home Caregivers perform a variety of tasks for clients. They do basic physical evaluations, including checking vital signs such as blood pressure and respiration rate. They watch for any change in the person’s physical, mental or emotional state since the last visit. Nurses help with wound care, chronic pain management and administer medication. They perform enemas and change urinary catheters as necessary. These are all tasks provided at a Skilled Nursing Facility that also can be offered at the patient’s home.

More basic services also are provided by an organization such as Aurora Home Care. If the client needs skilled nursing attention, the nurse also may be asked to perform duties that are not part of a skill set. For instance, the client may need help with light housekeeping and meal preparation. Often, the task of making lunch for the patient is one of the most important services to see that this individual eats a nutritious meal at midday. The nurse may be asked to bring the client to a doctor’s appointment, or even to the library or grocery store. In some situations, a home care aide can provide these services, but the continuity of care giving often is valuable to the patient. This person appreciates the consistency of a relationship with one particular caregiver.

The work of caregivers associated with home health organizations helps provide a safe environment for a disabled senior citizen who can still live at home with assistance. Family members and close friends may be able to spend time at the person’s home much of the time, and home health workers fill the gaps when nobody else can be around.

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