Keeping Safe While Using Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA

When someone has difficulty getting up and down steps, using Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA is an option that can be a great assistance. There are a few ways to make sure the person is safe while using this type of equipment.

Most Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA will have a chair portion that is facing the wall. If the chair does not swivel, the person using the stair lift may have a great deal of difficulties getting in and out of the chair. This can be extremely risky for them on the top of the staircase. They may teeter on the top step as they try to regain their footing, sending them tumbling down the steps as a result. Having a swiveling seat will allow them to swing themselves away from the steps, giving them ample room to get out of the chair away from the staircase.

A safety belt can be used in the chair to help the person stay safely in their seat while moving up and down. This can be attached easily with a plastic clasp attached to a nylon belt, much like the seat belts in a vehicle. Look for a model that can be opened easily, as often people using the seats can have other ailments like arthritis, making it difficult to use their hands.

Have someone available in the household to help the person in case the stair lift’s battery dies on the way up or down the staircase. A bell can be attached to the stair lift, allowing the person to ring it to alert someone else they are in need of assistance. An intercom system can also be installed if desired.
It is best to have push-button controls so the person can maneuver the chair up and down without any difficulty. It is also a good idea to limit the number of controls on the chair, so there is no confusion about what options are available.

If someone needs further information about Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh, PA, they can take a look at a website. They can browse the site to find out more about the benefits these stair lifts can give.

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