A Weight Loss Center in New Albany IN Helps People Avoid Unhealthy Strategies

by | Dec 23, 2015 | Health

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People who are frustrated with their inability to lose weight may try some unhealthy strategies to shed pounds. Instead of doing that, seeking assistance from a Weight Loss Center in New Albany IN is a better idea. Having professional help with this goal provides more effective, longer-lasting results. It also helps people avoid the pitfalls of using questionable methods for losing weight.

Crash Diets

Crash dieting can be as basic as just eating very little or as complex as following a seven-day menu plan with intricate instructions. Both methods have the same intention: dramatically restricting calorie intake to shed pounds.

Unfortunately, eating too little food every day for any length of time leads to a lack of essential nutrition. In addition, it doesn’t give the person any practice in building healthy long-term eating habits. People who resort to crash diets tend to quickly put back on the weight they do manage to lose. They also are likely to have difficulty sticking with the diet since continuous hunger leads to strong cravings, often for fattening food.

Meal Skipping

It may seem reasonable to skip breakfast or lunch and substitute a diet soda. However, experts advise against this. It tends to make people hungrier, leading them to overeat at the next meal. It also can result in the person succumbing to the siren call of a snack machine at work or school.


Using laxatives in the weight loss effort is definitively unhealthy. As with crash dieting, it doesn’t teach the individual how to have a nutritious diet that maintains a suitable weight. Reductions in weight aren’t related to fat loss, and laxatives don’t have much impact on calorie absorption. They don’t affect the small intestine, which is where most calorie absorption takes place.

Even worse, regular use of these products can lead to a condition known as the laxative dependency, in which the person may become perpetually constipated when trying to return to a normal regimen.

Instead of these methods, going to a Weight Loss Center in New Albany IN for medically supervised efforts is a more effective strategy. A facility such as InShapeMD offers individualized programs for their clients. Interested people may visit the website for further information.

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