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by | Sep 11, 2018 | Health

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Even the slightest foot or ankle pain can limit a person’s ability to do the things they need to do throughout the day. There are various issues and injuries that can cause damage to the foot and ankle. These problems can make it difficult to stand or walk and can even lead to knee, hip, and back pain. Foot Doctors in Joliet IL provide many different services to offer diagnosis and treatment of many types of issues concerning the foot and ankle.

Sports injuries

Many types of sports, even low impact sports, can pose risks of injury to the foot and ankle. Since there are many small bones and tendons in the foot and ankle that work in unison to walk or stand, a minor injury to even one of these parts can cause complications throughout the foot and ankle. Fortunately, there are Foot Doctors in Joliet IL that understand this part of the body and find the best method for treating these types of injuries to get patients back to enjoying the sports they love.

Foot deformities

There are many types of deformities of the foot and toes that can cause complications in walking and standing. Some of these issues are due to improper shoes or walking during formative years. Others can develop over time and cause pain and other issues. A podiatrist offers treatments for these issues to help restore the shape of the feet and toes to allow easier, pain-free walking. Many of these issues can be easily repaired with foot orthosis and other non-surgical treatments.

Diabetic foot care

Diabetes is a disease that can have serious effects on the feet. Nerve damage, infections, and other issues can be caused by diabetes. Diabetic patients require special care of the feet. A podiatrist understands the special needs of diabetic patients and can provide services to deal with their specific issues. They are even able to treat many of these problems and ease pain.

The feet and ankles are very important and should be cared for properly. Even minor regular pain should be address to help minimize further issues and problems. Fortunately, there are doctors available that specialize in this care. Browse the site to find more information about various foot and ankle issues and how they are treated.

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