How To Tell If Breast Reduction In Chicago Is Right For You

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Healthcare

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If you are like almost one million women in the United States, you have large breasts and may have been thinking about having breast reduction surgery in Chicago. Enormous breasts can cause many physical problems, including neck and back pain or numbness in the fingers or hands. They can also be linked to migraines, shortness of breath and can prevent you from exercising the way you want. Therefore, you may want to consider reducing the size of your breasts to make it more comfortable to do daily activities.

Symptoms and Size

Most doctors aren’t sure if the size of the breasts and health complaints truly go together, but they know that women with large breasts frequently complain of the same problems. Women tend to get a little heavier as they get older, and some of that weight will go into the chest area. This can cause the shoulders to roll forward, putting compression on the shoulder blades, ribs and nerves, which can all cause extreme pain.

Other women will note that it is more uncomfortable to lie down on the stomach or back, which may have been necessary for other ailments. If you find that your breasts keep you from lying on your back and cause shortness of breath, you may want to consider reducing their size.


Most women turn to medications and other help first because it could be something else and not their breasts. Physical therapy and ergonomic changes can help, but most doctors recommend the surgery. Losing weight could be an option, especially if you are overweight or obese, but even that may not completely reduce the size of your chest, so surgery is typically seen as the best method.

The Procedure

The operation can be done in various ways, but every technique has the goal of removing at least a pound of fat cells and tissue from the breasts and then removing the extra skin. However, this may also mean that the nipple has to be repositioned, which will require removal of the nipple and replacement though this procedure is typically rare.

It is considered a safe procedure and has a fast recovery time though the process itself can take upwards of three hours, and you’ll require general anesthesia.

If you are considering a breast reduction in Chicago, it may be because your overly large breasts are causing pain or other problems. Visit the website domain URL to learn more about his techniques and procedures.

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