How Drug Testing In Anderson, OH Helps Businesses

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Health

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In Ohio, business owners face the challenge of maintaining a safe workplace daily. With emerging liabilities, it becomes harder for these owners to mitigate all risks. However, with Drug Testing in Anderson OH, they can take control over avoidable liabilities.

Safer Work Environment

All applicants who seek employment with any company undergo drug testing. The requirement has become a part of standard protocol for all businesses. It helps them to identify applicants who have a history of using controlled substances. It is these confirmations of abuse that help them to avoid hiring risky employees.

Elimination of Drug-Related Theft

Drug use leads employees down a slippery slope. They progress from selling their own property to stealing items that belong to others. In the work environment, these employees become desperate for their next fix. This leads them to stealing from their employer. Drug-related theft is criminal and produces a severe financial loss for the business owner. By initiating random drug tests, employers identify workers who could be the culprits when merchandise is missing.

Reducing Potential Employee Accidents

The use of controlled substances opens the door for potential accidents. Workers who are under the influence of drugs aren’t cautious. They behave recklessly and could injury themselves or others. This is another reason that drug testing is required after an employee-related accident is reported. If the employee is under the influence, they don’t qualify for worker’s compensation benefits. They could also lose their job.

Ensure Fairness Among All Employees

While most companies offer assistance for employees who are addicted, they must also enforce drug-related rules. This prevents a sense of unfairness for other employees. It reduces the probability that addicted employees will receive preferential treatment. This is why all employees are drug tested, and individuals aren’t singled out.

Employers could reduce liabilities by requiring Drug Testing in Anderson OH. The process requires the applicant or worker to provide a sample for testing. Drug screenings are performed in a clinical setting to prevent potential tampering. The facilities are secured and the individual from modifying the sample. To learn more about testing and facilities that offer the service Click here for more info.

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