How To Help Your Vet Help Your Pet

Veterinarians work hard to keep your pets healthy. However, they are not all-powerful and all-knowing. There are many things you as a pet owner can do to help your vet best do his or her job. Here are tips from on how you can help your vet help your pet.

Never Assume All Vets Treat All Pets
Most modern veterinarians specialize in which species of animals they treat. Good vets never turn sick or hurt animals from a Pet Care Clinic, but they have an uphill job trying to treat animals that they are completely unfamiliar with. For example, guinea pigs are allergic to penicillin. Some vets who rarely or never work with guinea pigs may not remember this allergy. Always ask a vet if they are familiar with the species and tell them what medications they cannot take.

Get Your Dog Used to the Vet’s Office
Dogs can be trained to look forward to a trip to the vet. All you need to do is take the dog to the vet’s office at a time when he or she does not need to see the vet. Call the Pet Care Clinic beforehand to make sure it isn’t busy. Have the office personnel give the dog a treat. Immediately take the dog home again.

Warn the Office About Scratching or Biting
If you know that your pet will scratch or bite the vet or vet’s assistants, tell them before they find out for themselves. In this way, they can better prepare, such as putting a muzzle on a dog prone to bite. Vets see many pets and cannot remember all of the time which of their patients bite or scratch and which do not. Remind the vet before an examination begins.

Find Out About Emergency Vet Procedures
Time is essential during a medical emergency. Never assume that your vet will handle emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Ask about what to do should an emergency strike off-hours before an emergency occurs. Many vets will be able to refer you to another vet or an emergency animal care center. Drive there to make sure you know how to get there when an emergency hits. Contact  to know more.

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