How to End The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Mental health issues have traditionally been seen as a lesser priority than physical health. Since there was no obviously visible ailment, it was thought that there was nothing really wrong. Now, of course, we know this is not the case, but the stigma around mental health remains. There are many areas in the country where many people will not even consider going to therapy because they have been raised firmly believing that you should deal with your problems alone. Here are a few ways you can help end the stigma and hopefully encourage someone in need to seek out mental health treatment in Minnetonka.

Stop Using Derogatory Phrases

Using derogatory statements like calling someone crazy does nothing but hurt people suffering from mental health issues. The more people perpetuate the idea of someone being “crazy” the less likely people in need are to seek out treatment. No one wants to feel like he or she are being judged and people often find that mental health is something he or she can still mock without consequence. If enough people stop using these terms, however, then it will cause them to die off. As fewer and fewer people use terms like this, the number will continue to fall more and more.

Raise Awareness

If you really want to help in ending the mental health taboo, then you can help spread awareness. People need to know that illnesses like PTSD and depression are real. These are not some made up illnesses that people are using to get attention, but this is how many people still view them. The more real information you can get to people the more likely they are to stop criticizing others for seeking treatment.

Dealing with mental illness is hard enough already, no one should have to deal with the stigma that surrounds mental health treatment. If you do your part, then we can end the mental health stigma and encourage more people to seek treatment when they are suffering.

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