Adult Day Care: Safe, Secure, Trusted

When your loved ones need extra care, you want to know that staff will be skilled and experienced. The staff at South Amboy goes a step further, as they are not just skilled and experienced but also caring. As someone who has faced difficult decisions regarding the daily care of my loved ones, I would not hesitate to recommend South Amboy’s adult day care services to anyone living in New Jersey because the staff at South Amboy treat their clients with the utmost kindness and caring as well as skill and specialized training in specific conditions like dementia. In fact, South Amboy’s adult day care services are staffed by experts and specialists in memory care including the provision of diagnostic testing services, ongoing assessments, and treatment interventions.

An effective adult day care service offers peace of mind for the client and his or her caregivers. South Amboy goes beyond giving peace of mind, and offers preventative care services that can greatly improve the health outcomes for clients. The therapeutic options and other services provided during the day care program are rooted in the latest research and evidence-based practice. Adult day care at South Amboy offers caregivers the chance to be with their family members as much as possible, entrusting their loved ones during the day to a nursing and home health staff that can provide the best possible treatment. Adult day care is one of the best options for seniors because it allows for independent living and maximum time spent with family but also in a safe and professional environment that offers medical interventions and therapies tailored for the population.

When I meet people who are struggling with helping their loved ones experiencing memory loss due to dementia and related conditions, I usually recommend that they consult with their family physicians about day care options. Too often I see people struggle with the choice between live-in nursing homes and home health care, but day care offers a middle ground and one that is safe, secure, and trusted.

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