How long does it take to become an EMT?

Are you interested in a career on the front lines in the medical industry? If so, a career as an EMT (emergency medical technician) could be a very rewarding and challenging career that makes a difference in the lives of many. EMT training options in New Jersey are extensive and it does take a time commitment to become an EMT. But, the requirements and time commitment could be less than you might expect, depending on your current career and educational background.

EMT and Paramedic Training
EMT training and paramedic training courses can range in duration, depending on whether you are in full-time study or part-time study. Training options for emergency medical technicians in New Jersey vary, depending on your current credentials and what sort of position you are seeking.  There are degree and non-degree programs as well as prerequisites, such as CPR certification, medical assessments, and so forth. 240-hour courses for basic training are in demand.

Paramedics receive more training than an EMT and can perform more medical procedures.

Nurses and physician assistants may be able to receive certification as an Emergency Medical Technician with abbreviated courses due to the knowledge they already possess.

Written Tests for Licensing After Your EMT Course
In addition to training, certification happens after a state examination where you’ll be required to pass a written test. Licensing lasts for five years before renewal is required.

If you are seeking a career as an EMT or want to begin your journey for a career in the medical industry with an EMT certification, reviewing your options for local courses and careers in the medical field can help you make an informed decision.

Transportation is one of the elements of courses taught here at Alert Ambulance in New Jersey as it’s our goal to safely transport patients to and from medical facilities, residential locations, and nursing homes or hospice care facilities.

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