Hammertoes Make You Feel Miserable

Hammertoes, is a serious foot condition known as a contracture. It’s when your toes uncomfortably bend at the first joint, also known as the proximal interphalangeal joint. Any time toes do not have enough room and are forced into a shoe with no wiggle-room like high heels, hammertoes can develop over time. Toes need to be able to lie flat in shoes so they are not mistreated or damaged. Bunions also tend to develop along with hammertoes. In some cases, hammertoes are hereditary and are passed down through family genetics. Hammertoes are actually an unsightly deformity that can be corrected with different treatment options. You don’t have to suffer from the pain when you seek care from a foot and ankle doctor for hammertoes in Hyde Park.

What Are the Treatment Options for Hammertoes?

When it comes to treating hammertoes there a few different treatments. If the condition is just a mild case, treatment starts with physical therapy. Muscles and tendons are stretched to straighten your toes and to relieve cramping. It is recommended that you use small pads to protect and cover your toe while wearing shoes, as well. Some hammertoe cases are more serious and may require surgery. Hammertoe surgery is quite effective. Feel free to discuss the different surgical options with your doctor so you get the treatment you want and need.

Toe Pain Requires Immediate Medical Attention

The moment you notice any toe pain it is important to seek medical attention from a caring and compassionate foot and ankle doctor. Toe pain can be felt with or without shoes. When you are ready to seek relief from the pain there are many options available when it comes to treating hammertoes. Once you’ve received the treatment you will be able to walk comfortably without feeling miserable. A foot doctor will help you take care of your feet so long-term problems can be prevented. Visit http://www.hydeparkfootdoctor.com/ to know more information.

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