How Clinicians Can Manage Spine Trauma in Hayward, California

Many surgeons in the state of California perform spinal surgeries and other procedures pertaining to the back. A minimally invasive spine closure procedure is delicate and requires fine surgical tools. Many surgeons are constantly looking for new ways to ensure patients have a successful outcome with spine surgery. Read on to find out how to manage spine trauma.

Prevent Needlestick Injuries

A needlestick injury can occur in the middle of a procedure. These injuries often involves a high-risk patient about half the time. Operative Armour is a device that prevents needle stick injuries in the operating room. It works by wearing a needle safety and workflow efficiency device. This device decreases the handling and passing of the surgical needle during the minimally invasive spine closure.

Avoid Sharp Behaviors

The purpose of the Operative Armour is to minimize sharp behaviors that cause needle stick injuries. These behaviors may include passing and handling of intraoperative sharps and manipulation. This technique also prevents surgeons from coming in contact with the patient bodily fluids.

Benefits of the Surgery

Many patients benefit from minimally invasive spine surgery in a variety of ways. This surgical incision is smaller than the one made with traditional surgery. Smaller incisions usually mean less trauma and faster healing times.

There are risks involved with every surgery. It helps to keep an ear to the latest trends in the medical industry. Your patients can benefit from having access to new techniques and equipment. Contact Sharp Fluids at for more information.

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