FAQ’s about a Gynecological Ultrasound in Ardmore, OK

There are certain aspects of healthcare that are specific only to women. Such is the case of gynecological exams and procedures. These are all necessary for proper health, however. In some cases, an ultrasound may be recommended by the doctor. Here are a few FAQ’s concerning a gynecological pelvic ultrasound in Ardmore OK.

Why is a pelvic ultrasound needed?

They are generally required when the healthcare provider needs to look at the internal organs in the pelvic region. The size and shape of the uterus, the shape of the bladder, the thickness of the cervix, and tissue density are all things that may need to be examined by the doctor. They can help to find cysts and tumors or any infections that may be present in the pelvic area. This information is greatly needed to help ward off any issue before they become greater problems.

What can I expect during an ultrasound?

Ultrasound uses a transducer to generate sound waves that are sent through the body and then bounce back to form a picture that is shown on a computer monitor. The sound waves are at a frequency that is too high for humans to hear. To help conduct the sound waves, the ultrasound technician will apply a gel to the area being examined. There are two forms of ultrasound: transabdominal, which is doing through the stomach, and transvaginal, which is done by a device that is inserted into the vagina.

Are there any dangers or risks associated with an ultrasound procedure?

There are very little risks involved. Ultrasound does not use any form of radiation whatsoever. There may be mild discomfort when the transducer is inserted into the vagina during a transvaginal procedure. There may be mild discomfort during a transabdominal due to the fact that a full bladder is required.

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