What’s Involved In Neck Pain Treatment In Charleston, West Virginia?

In Virginia, accident injuries are often associated with the neck or back. After the accidents, patients must find a better solution for pain management and getting necessary relief. Patients suffering from neck pain need an effective treatment that eliminates pain and discomfort fast. A local clinician offers Neck Pain Treatment in Charleston West Virginia.

Diagnosing the Origin of the Pain

The clinician conducts a series of tests to diagnose the origin of the patient’s neck pain. Typically, neck pain is caused by pressure on one of the vertebrae. Accidents or injuries could allow the pain to radiate from the back and flow up to the neck. X-rays are used to find any underlying causes.

Massage Therapy Treatments

Massage therapy treatments help the patient relax and works out stress in the muscles. Tense muscles are a common cause of neck pain and are generated during stressful situations. Patients who control their stress levels through massage experience less-frequent neck pain.

Acupuncture to Lower Stress Levels

Acupuncture is used to stimulate natural feel-good hormones in the body. By stimulating the production of hormones, the patient receives better pain management. Once activated, the hormones are released more frequently. Pain management is achieved more holistically by using acupuncture. It is a better choice for patients who want to avoid heavy pain medications. The heavier medications often have debilitating effects that interfere with the patient’s daily life.

Exercise and Care Plan

An exercise and care plan is created for all patients with neck pain. Exercises are an important part of the healing process. The doctor sets up an exercise plan for the patient and addresses weight management through dieting. Lifestyles changes are also necessary for eliminating neck pain and increasing mobility.

In Virginia, neck pain creates debilitating effects for patients and prevents them from completing daily tasks. The conditions that cause neck pain are often related to accident injuries and sudden medical ailments. Doctors create a care plan for patients with neck pain and help them recover quickly. Patients who need more information or who want to set up an appointment for Neck Pain Treatment in Charleston West Virginia can contact Improve Physical Therapy & Hand Center LLC right now. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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