Common Causes of a Low Libido

One of the most challenging things that a person can do is having and maintaining a romantic relationship with another person. There are many different factors that go into maintaining a great relationship with another person. Among the most important factors is maintaining a level of physical intimacy with your partner. Over time, there are many different factors that may contribute to you having a Low Libido. Knowing what the factors are and how to correct them when they happen can help you overcome this embarrassing and stressful situation. Here are a few of the most common causes of a low libido.

The Stress
One of the most common causes of having a low libido is stress, whether it be from things at work or a sensitive home situation. When the body starts to feel the effects of this stress it will release high levels of cortisol and adrenaline, which can severely affect your body’s hormones. The release of the hormones in your system can cause a variety of different problems like the narrowing of the blood vessels that go to the genitals. The lack of blood flow that this can create will severely stifle the desire you have for physical intimacy.

Depression and Treatments for Depression
Another very common cause of a low libido is being depressed or being treated for depression. Some of the medicines that are used to treat depression have been known to have effects on a person’s desire for physical intimacy and many of them have warnings on the bottle stating this fact. If you start to notice you are having a lower and lower libido, then you may want to converse with your doctor to see if there is anything other types of medicine that you can try.

Sleep Deprivation
Another cause of having a low libido is a lack of good sleep during the night. A lack of sleep will not only affect your libido, it can also have an adverse effect on your productivity and your overall well-being. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, you need to speak with your doctor to see if there is anything they can prescribe to help you. In some cases, a lack of sleep may be the result of being hormonally imbalanced, which will require treatments to fix. The more you know about the cause of your problem, the better equipped you will be to choose the right treatment to fix it.

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