Care for Children With Gender Dysphoria

Many adults have been raised to believe that gender is a binary situation. However, this is not the case. Even children may understand that they were born with the parts indicative of a male or female body, but they feel more masculine or feminine inside of their minds. A feeling of mismatch between body parts and understanding of oneself is gender dysphoria. Children can feel this way and benefit from professional therapy so that they will accept themselves for whom they are.

We recommend that parents watch and listen to their children. When you notice that your child seems to identify as a neutral gender or a gender that does not match the body parts that they were born with, it may be a good idea to schedule a consultation or therapy session for gender dysphoria. We offer appointments for the child alone, for the parent to attend and for the parent only. It is important that parents get the support that they need in order to understand gender dysphoria so that they can provide non-judgmental support for their child.

The process begins with an understanding of gender dysphoria and your particular child’s situation. It is not uncommon for boys to play with what people feel are “girl” toys, such as dolls or for girls to play with “boy’s” toys such as cars and trucks. We help you learn more about gender dysphoria.

When you need evaluation or therapy for gender dysphoria in children, contact us at the International Center for Transgender Care. It is our mission to provide therapy and surgery options for people in the transgender community. We invite you to call us in order to schedule a consultation for your child.

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