Basics of Foot Care and Health

Your feet are important and provide the foundation for the rest of your body to build up from. Taking care of your feet is essential to maintaining your overall health and happiness. Here at Back in Balance Clinic, we wanted to share some helpful tips for basic foot care and health that you can do starting now.

  • Wash your toes and feet thoroughly each time you take a shower or bath. Be sure your feet are totally dry, including in between the toes. Keeping your feet clean and dry will lower the chances of problems like athlete’s foot, fungus, bacteria, and odor.
  • Make sure your feet are well-moisturized after every wash. A basic deep moisturizing lotion is good and is especially helpful in the winter months when skin gets dried from cold air outside and heated air inside.  If you have severely dry and cracked feet, use a healing and moisturizing lotion every night before bed.
  • Wear different shoes. The reason behind this is that giving your shoes a full day’s break allows them to dry, air out, and reduce odors to prevent bacteria and fungus from taking root in your shoes and thus infecting your feet.
  • Your feet should never hurt. This an issue for mainly women, but it is important to mention for everyone. Shoes that are too tight or that are uncomfortable to walk in are never good and can cause damage to your feet!
  • Be wary when you are getting a pedicure in a salon. Salons need to be exceptionally clean if you intend to have a pedicure. This is especially true if you have diabetes and need to take extra good care of your feet.

When it comes to finding orthotics in Toronto ON, more and more people are discovering the benefits of the naturalistic approach we take here at Back in Balance Clinic.

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