Your First Day At Inpatient Treatment Centers

by | Nov 13, 2020 | Addiction Treatment

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Going anywhere to a new and unfamiliar place is going to be stressful and more than just a bit unsettling. This is even more of an issue when you are checking into inpatient treatment centers and are trying to deal with addiction problems.

The best inpatient treatment centers are designed to immediately set you at ease and bring you into the program in a gentle, supportive and empathetic way that allows you to feel cared for and about from your first minute on the grounds. Choosing smaller, client centered rehabilitation centers that have experience in working with addicts and their families is always the best way to ensure this is the atmosphere you walk into.

Prior to Check In

In today’s always connected world it is very easy to be pre-approved to attend a treatment facility. You may be able to do this online or by phone, and the coordinator or admissions staff will answer any questions that you may have. You will need to provide your personal information, medical information, and specific information about your addiction and past history of treatment.

Typically the facility admissions staff will also discuss and finalize your choice for payment at this time. They can let you know your insurance coverage, copay or help you make arrangements for private pay.

Carefully read the packing list sent to you by the facility and ensure that the items you bring are approved. If you have any questions phone in and verify before you arrive.

Checking In

While some people may check into a treatment facility by being brought by family members or friends, others may be coming in from out of state on their own. In these cases the facility will typically provide arrangements for all ground transportation from the airport or arrival location to the facility.

You will check in and be given a tour of the facility, including being introduced to staff and other clients. Most facilities will then provide you with a private meeting with your case manager or counselor to discuss your personal goals. You may also be examined by the in-house medical staff and any prescription medications will be reviewed.

Then, in our facility at Drug Treatment 4U, you will be included in the daily activities. With a schedule of activities and choices to consider, you will find that getting right into the program is very easy, very natural, and also very positive.

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