Yoga Studios in Chicago and Why You Should Join

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. There are many great health benefits to be gained from adding yoga into your weekly routine. If you are looking for a yoga studio in Chicago, there are plenty of options but you want to make sure you choose one that has the variety you are looking for. Here are seven of the most surprising benefits yoga can bring to you after just a few weeks:

1. Asthma: Yoga focuses a lot on posture and focused breathing, and with maintaining good balance and body position. These are important subconscious things which can help improve lung function and improve breathing and oxygen levels. Yoga is also helpful to reduce stress and help asthma sufferers stay calm and relaxed during an asthma attack.
2. Arthritis: Yoga practice is based off the movement of the body and it involves long, fluid, and controlled movements. This unique style of movement has been shown to help ease pain, stretch muscles, improve mobility, and reduce stiffness in the joints.
3. Back pain: There have been a great deal of studies conducted by medical experts, and the vast majority of them point to yoga being helpful in alleviating back pain. It is thought to help by strengthening muscles, tightening joints, aligning bones and ligaments, and improving overall body posture.
4. Blood pressure: There are many people who suffer from hypertension and stress each and every day. People dealing with these potentially deadly conditions can find relief and additional healing in the calm meditation that comes as a result of regular yoga sessions. Many doctors recommend yoga and meditation be added to a daily routine along with medications as needed to treat blood pressure issues.
5. Depression and anxiety: Mental boosts are frequently seen because of the nature of meditation and the personal introspection of yoga practices. Clearing your mind, focusing on the positive, and pushing out the bad are skills everyone could use in their lives to fight off anxiety and depression.
6. Insomnia: Some studies have shown that adding yoga to your exercise routine a few times a week will go a long way in helping to regulate hormone levels that impact your sleep cycle. Meditation can also help you sleep by reducing pain, calming your mind, and soothing your soul so sleep comes easier and stays longer.
7. Nutrition: The human body is a very advanced and complicated machine – lots of parts and systems have to work together at their full potential for the body to function as it should. Yoga helps get everything in line and maintains the balance your body needs.

This listing of health benefits is just the tip of the iceberg. No matter what your long term or short term goals may be for considering it, you can benefit from adding yoga into your normal workout routine!

Studio Three is one of the top yoga studios in Chicago. View their website for further information, or to learn about upcoming classes.

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