Why is Allergy Testing in Louisville, KY Performed?

Allergy symptoms can show up in many different ways. Some people may get a scratchy throat and watery eyes if they breathe in a substance they can’t tolerate. Others may get hives or other skin rashes if they eat or touch an allergen. In some serious cases, even breathing in an allergen can cause a reaction as severe as someone’s airway closing, leaving them unable to breathe properly. Performing allergy testing at Accredited Asthma Allergy & Food Intolerance Center Louisville KY, is a good way to determine exactly what allergies a person has and how serious they are. There are several methods for Allergy Testing in Louisville KY, but some are more effective and are used more than others.

A challenge test involves eating a little bit of a possible food allergen. The patient is then observed to see if any allergic reaction takes place. This type of test must be done with a doctor present, as a life-threatening reaction could occur if someone was severely allergic to a test item. This is a good way to gauge the severity of a food allergy and learn what must be avoided for safety.

A skin reaction test is the allergy test most people are familiar with. Different potential allergens are tested by placing a small amount of each under a patient’s skin. The allergist will use tiny needs to barely prick the skin’s surface. If the patient is allergic to one of the test allergens, the skin will react and turn red. If skin does not change, the patient is not sensitive to that particular allergen. Skin tests are very effective and a quick way for allergists at Accredited Asthma, Allergy and Food Intolerance Center to diagnose allergies.

Many people have allergies and don’t even know it. A running nose, watery eyes, scratching throat or sneezing can all indicate an allergy or intolerance. Some allergic reactions can be life-threatening and require immediate medical intervention. These urgent situations can be scary and harmful to a person’s health long-term. If allergies are suspected, it is a good idea to have Allergy Testing in Louisville KY. By finding out exactly what patient’s allergies are, they can focus on avoiding the correct things. Most people don’t know how much their quality of life can improve without the symptoms of allergies.

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