What You Should Know Before Choosing a Face Lift Surgeon in Chicago

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Plastic Surgeon

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Looking younger is a goal for man men and women, and you have an almost unlimited number of options. If you are experiencing advanced signs of aging, such as creases and deep folds, you may be considering a face lift. Here is what you should know about the procedure and how to find the most trusted face lift surgeon in Chicago.

How a Face Lift Helps You Look Younger

The creases and folds on your face are the result of sagging skin and shifted fat. A face lift removes the excess skin and fat to tone up your facial area. Face lifts are recommended when other options, such as dermal fillers, are not effective.

Types of Face Lifts

You may be a good candidate for a full or mini face lift. The full face lift helps reduce wrinkles over the entire face and is recommended for advanced signs of aging. A mini face lift is a precursor to the full face lift that corrects sagging in the lower part of your face. The face lift surgeon helps you choose the option that is best for you.

Combine a Face Lift with Other Treatments for Dramatic Results

For the most dramatic results from your cosmetic surgery, combine a face lift with medical spa treatments to soften smaller wrinkles and lines, as well as rejuvenation the texture and tone of your skin.

How to Find the Most Trusted Face Lift Surgeon in Chicago

Dr. Adam J. Cohen is the most trusted face lift surgeon in Chicago. Call his office today to schedule an appointment or visit their website.

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