What to Expect After Weight Loss Surgery in Birmingham, AL

Many people struggle to lose weight, even with regular exercise and a good diet. These people may get help from Weight loss doctors near Birmingham, AL, and even opt for surgery. Here is what to expect after weight loss surgery.

Recovery Time

After surgery, it’s most common for people to stay in the hospital for up to three days. After you go home, it will take another 3 – 5 weeks before you can get back to your regular daily routine. During this time, you just want to lay low. You will be in some pain, but you will also have painkillers to help with that.


You will be on a liquid diet immediately following surgery. This means you will only eat broth, yogurt, ice cream, and other easy to digest foods. With time, you will start to eat soups with food in them and soft foods. After a time, you will go back to eating food of any consistency. However, eating will never be the same. You will be forced to eat smaller meals for the rest of your life. Your small stomach won’t be able to hold as much as it did before.

Maintaining Weight

One of the biggest problems after weight loss surgery is that people gain the weight back. This is supposed to be the start of a new life. You need to change the way you eat and how much you exercise in order to maintain your new weight and keep weight down.


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