What to Avoid when Hiring In Home Nursing Care

by | Sep 24, 2014 | Health Guide

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With the demand for Phoenix in home nursing care increasing, the number of home care agencies has also grown. However, choosing the one that can deliver the result you want and care for your patient is not easy. You do not know which one can be trusted.

Bear in mind that your patient will be left alone with the healthcare worker most of the time. So, you need someone you can trust to perform their duties unsupervised. In addition, you need someone who will not take advantage with your hospitality as well. You do not want to go home and find out that your valuables are gone.

So, how will you know that the agency you hired to provide you with a healthcare worker can be trusted? Here are the basic simple steps to avoid when hiring Phoenix in home nursing care:

  • Ask the agency if they have back-up health care workers. Don’t assume that just because they are an agency that provides health care workers, that they have enough employees to cater to all the needs of their clients. There would be instances when the health care worker you hired will be away on vacation or on sick-leave. When they are on leave, the agency should be able to provide you with a temporary worker until the one you hired reports back. Thus, it is important to ask the agency if they have enough workers to provide you with Phoenix in home nursing care. It can be frustrating not only on your part, but on the patient’s as well. Even if you do take a leave of absence to care for your family member, you are not as experienced and knowledgeable as the healthcare worker.
  • Be firm about who should be the one to care for your patient. Avoid home care agencies that have a “revolving door” policy. Patients would feel frustrated having to adjust to a new worker every now and then. It is not easy for them to go through the same process of adjusting and getting to know the healthcare worker again only to be replaced by another worker the next day. Insist that you need one dedicated worker who would report to your patient every day. You have to give the same instructions or reminders about your patient all over again with a new Phoenix in home nursing care provider.
  • Before you decide to hire a Phoenix in home nursing care attendant, make sure to meet up with the worker. Ask the agency to set up an interview with the worker. If the agency refuses and will tell you that all their workers are professional and licensed, do not trust what they say immediately. It can be part of their marketing scheme to get more clients. There are some agencies that can sweet talk you into agreeing with them only to realize that the worker they send is not even a professional or licensed health care worker. Remember, never compromise the safety of your patient.

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