What Disorders Are Best Treated By A Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a medical professional who is trained in and focuses on diagnosing and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system as well as the nervous system. Chiropractors believe in a hands-on approach rather than surgical intervention to treat these problems.

When you first arrange a visit with the chiropractor you will find the experience no different than any other doctor’s appointment. You will sit with the chiropractor, he or she will delve into you medical history, perform a preliminary examination and, if it is felt necessary, take other tests such as X-Rays or other forms of diagnostic imaging.

Once the doctor has all the information needed a recommended course of action will be developed. A good chiropractor in Naperville understands that not all disorders can be dealt with and if this is the case with you, you can be assured the chiropractor will refer you to the appropriate specialist. In many cases chiropractors and other healthcare professionals co-treat patients.

Common disorders treated by the chiropractor:

   * Strains and sprains: A full three quarters of the adult population experiences some type of back strain or sprain. Sprains are the result of overstretched or torn ligaments whereas strains involve a muscle or tendon. Both sprains and strains are often caused by trying to lift a heavy or unwieldy load as well as an awkward twist.

   * Headaches: Headaches are often caused by referred neck pain; it is usually felt in the back of the head, behind the eyes or above them.

   * Sciatica: What is commonly known as “sciatica” is the result of the sciatic nerve being compressed, leading to irritation. The pain travels from below the knee and those who suffer from the condition often describe the pain as what would be expected from an electric shock.

A chiropractor provides a great number of treatments, all designed to relieve back and neck pain. Take time to choose an experienced chiropractor in Naperville to ensure the level of comfort that is necessary for recovery.

If you are looking for a great chiropractor in Naperville you will be pleased that you entrusted your care to Tilson Chiropractic FamilyCare.

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