Using An Errand Runner Business In Nassau County

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Senior Care

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Seventy percent of older Americans are making changes to their homes. That is according to a new study from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP.) The changes are made to help them age in their homes. The AARP says many seniors want to remain in familiar surroundings. Further, many seniors have support systems where they live. Relatives, neighbors and friends are available to help them.

There are many at-home care businesses that offer help for the elderly. They offer services like Errand Runner Business in Nassau County. Certain activities are not as easy for people when they get older. At Home Senior Care tries to lessen the load by offering the following services:

     *     preparing meals

     *    housekeeping

     *    laundry

     *    incidental transportation

     *    companionship

The company employs caregivers who are supervised by a group of Registered Nurses. Further, caregivers are insured, bonded and their background is checked. Security is also a concern for older people who live alone. Many companies offer monitoring services for the elderly. The security includes a 24-hour non-intrusive monitoring system with video cameras and night vision. It certainly gives individuals a sense of comfort knowing there are motion sensors in the house. Further, door sensors are also available. Some of the security measures are designed to help the elderly with healthcare. Temperature sensors alert the homeowner if the temperature drops below fifty degrees or above ninety degrees. Clients can also receive a live or automated call to remind them to take their medicine.

Of course, there is a special panic button in case of emergencies. Adult children have a sense of calm knowing they can stay in touch with video access. It is good to know that people can call Errand Runner Business in Nassau County. Such services also provide advocacy for clients who need it. Care givers provide hospital advocacy and help with doctor’s visits, if necessary. Seniors often have business matters they do not understand. Caregivers help them understand and call their families if necessary. At Home Senior Care connects clients with various community resources. Likewise, they find appropriate support groups and organizations. These much-needed services are necessary for any senior who lives alone.

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