Understanding Laser Cataract Surgery in Oahu

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Eye Care Center

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Today, Laser Cataract Surgery in Oahu has made a lot of technical progress using risks that are entirely controlled and the results are impressive. The femtosecond laser was developed to provide greater safety, precision, and predictability. It can also be used to carry out cataract surgery. During this surgery, the femtosecond laser will replace a manual surgical tool using the following steps.

Incision of the cornea

Traditional cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures performed; it is also a safe and effective operation. The first step is to incise the cornea. The traditional method uses a metal or diamond blade to make the incision at the junction between the cornea and the sclera.

This incision allows the surgeon access to the inside of the eye to fragment and remove the cataract (opacification of the lens of the eye behind the pupil). Then, an intraocular lens will be implanted to replace the opacified lens. With Laser Cataract Surgery in Oahu, no incision is needed.


The lens of the eye is surrounded by a very fine and translucent capsule. During the operation, the front of the capsule is removed to access the opacified lens (cataract), a gesture called “anterior capsulotomy.” It is essential that the remainder of the intact capsule is not damaged during the procedure as it will have to hold the (artificial) intraocular lens in place throughout the patient’s life.

With the traditional method, the surgeon creates an opening in the capsule using a very thin syringe and then uses this same syringe to cut the capsule circularly. With Laser Cataract Surgery in Oahu, however, the cutting is done with the help of the laser. This method offers more precision and better positioning of the intraocular lens (which plays an essential role in the quality of the patient’s view after the operation).


After the capsulotomy, the surgeon has access to the lens. The laser softens the cataract at the same time it is being fragmented. By fragmenting the cataract, its removal is more straightforward and generates less risk of burns at the incision.

The time required to perform this surgery is less critical when a laser is used, which means surgery is safer. This reduces the risk of postoperative complications. Contact the Hawaii Vision Clinic for more details.

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