Understanding How Heel Pain Affects Your Entire Body and How to Fix It

Heel pain is an incredibly uncomfortable thing. It often prevents you from walking heel to toe, which is the natural way in which most people walk. Along with affecting the natural way in which your feet move, heel pain affects many other areas of your body. You need to know and understand how this seemingly isolated pain affects the rest of your body, and how a clinic that manages heel pain in Joliet, IL, can fix it.

Heel Pain Affects Posture

Because you aren’t walking naturally while trying to avoid pain in your heels, your posture is negatively affected. You may have a swayed back, or your abdomen is forced forward in an attempt to re-center your posture and avoid pain. You may lean farther forward when sitting instead of placing your feet flat and firmly on the ground, giving your shoulders a sort of humped look. Treating the pain in your heels reestablishes your proper posture. Ask an expert in heel pain in Joliet clinics to show you what happens when you don’t have your heels on the ground or hitting the ground in the usual fashion.

Heel Pain Throws off Your Center of Gravity

People who experience pain in their heels tend to walk more tippy-toe than they realize. This throws off their center of gravity, which can lead to tripping and falling a lot more. Women who wear stilettos experience this misplaced center of gravity often, which is why low-heeled shoes are recommended by orthopedists.

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