Treatments For Pregnancy

If you’ve been trying to start a family for some time and have had no success, then you might want to consider seeing a fertility doctor. There are a few factors that an IVF doctor Jacksonville FL office will consider before the process begins. Your age will be taken into consideration as most doctors want you to be 35 or younger when considering this kind of treatment. You should also be off of birth control for at least 12 months and actively trying to get pregnant. You’ll usually go through an array of examinations to determine if you would be a good candidate for IVF treatment.

When you visit an IVF doctor Jacksonville FL offers, you’ll usually be asked if you’re ovulating or not as this is the best time for the process to take place. Your medical history will be discussed before blood is taken to ensure that you’re healthy or to determine if there are any health issues that could prevent you from getting pregnant. Your partner’s health will also be examined. Once you have a diagnosis or reason as to why you might not be able to get pregnant, you can begin working with the IVF doctor to begin the process of taking shots each day to stimulate ovulation.

Keep in mind that once you begin IVF treatments, there is a possibility that more than one embryo could develop, which means that you could have multiple babies instead of only one. You need to consider the costs that are associated with IVF treatment as it can become quite expensive. However, this could be the only way that you can have a family that you want. If the treatment is successful, then your doctor will monitor your care throughout your pregnancy until delivery so that you have a safe labor and delivery for you and your baby.

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