Tips for Choosing the Right Nursing Home in Farmington, CT

Since it is obvious that an elderly relative can no longer live alone, there’s the need to find a new residence for the loved one. Taking a look at the local nursing home in Farmington CT is the way to go. Here are some examples of what to look for when evaluating the possibility of settling the loved one into the facility.

How the Staff is Selected

One of the first things that family members want to investigate is the hiring practices currently in use at the nursing home in Farmington CT. The goal is to determine what qualifications the staff must meet in order to work at the facility. Along with the medical training of certain staff members, background checks should be a routine element. When the home has a comprehensive screening process for prospective employees, that will go a long way toward ensuring the loved one will be cared for properly.

The Physical Aspects of the Facility

Tour the nursing home and take a good look at the facility. Are the rooms comfortable and kept clean? How about the common areas? Are they well-lit and include comfortable furnishings for the residents? If the place is not maintained properly, that is a sure sign to begin checking out other homes in the area.

Activities for the Residents

What sorts of activities are available for the residents? Are games and other amusements on hand for those who feel like socializing a little? Does the facility have supervised outings for residents who would like to go to a local park, eat out now and then, or spend a morning shopping? Ask to speak with the activities director and find out what sorts of entertainment and amusements are available each week.

The Food

Always make sure the kitchen team can accommodate any special dietary needs related to the loved one. This could include dishes that are low in carbohydrates or fat. Mention the type of diet the loved one must follow and see what type of reaction results. If the staff responds with several ideas that fit neatly into the diet plan, take that as a good sign.

For anyone who would like to know more, Visit Shady Oaks Assisted Living LLC today and check out the facility. There’s a good chance it will be the ideal place to call home.

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