TImproved Behavioral Health Services With Dedicated EHR Software

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Healthcare

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Electronic health records software, or EHR software, provides multiple benefits for patients and providers alike. EHR software for behavioral health is unique in that it must handle specific requirements and complexities that don’t necessarily arise in primary care contexts.

What Behavioral EHR Is

Behavioral EHR software allows practitioners to eliminate redundant services, realize better financial accountability, reduce overhead costs for administration and get better continuity and improved outcomes in patient care.

Electronic Health Records

Web-based, ONC-ACB certified behavioral EHR solutions support organizations of any size. They enhance behavioral healthcare quality and efficiency, particularly in instances of addiction and substance abuse, and improve results by integrating practice management, electronic health records and billing in one cost-effective enterprise database.

Capabilities include:

• Admissions

• Authorization and Payor Management

• Referral Management

• Clinical Forms

• e-Prescriptions and Medications

• Patient Portals

• Electronic Signatures

• Lab and Computerized Physician Orders

• Document, Billing and Financial Management

• Interactivity and Automation

• Barcode Data Capture

Electronic coordinated care-oriented platforms also provide a complete overview of collaboration and coordination between organizations, clinicians and individuals served. Benefits include individualized and coordinated services, program compliance and maximized revenue.

Capabilities include:

• Financial Management

• Intake and Registration

• Referral Management

• Clinical Assessments

• Appointment Scheduling

• Care Planning

• Decision Support

• Consents and Releases

• e-Prescriptions

• Lab Management

• Immunization, Incident and Document Management

• Patient and Foster Care Portals

• Billing

• Healthcare Data Exchange

Claims Billing

Maximized payer reimbursement is critical to valuable public and behavioral health. Higher compensation through payers ensures robust services for patients and communities. Billing and health claims-oriented behavioral EHR software streamlines operations and maximizes funds.

Billing software also clears up typical in-house billing issues, like under-staffing and over-staffing, personnel loss or absence, department disorganization and insufficient billing supervision. And supplemental billing experts handle cash application and claims billing and corrections, and they provide follow-up.

Software-based EHR for behavioral health serves to cost-effectively and efficiently connect and coordinate healthcare services, billing, reporting and management, thereby maximizing clinical effectiveness, financial outcomes and improving overall health and safety for the community.

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