Three Reasons To Move Your Loved One Into A Memory Care Facility Near Fairfax, VA

It is never easy to watch your loved one suffer from memory loss, and it is worse when you realize you have to help them move into a senior living facility. However, there are Memory Care Facility in Fairfax, VA, that specializes in memory care. If you are still unsure of this decision, here are three reasons to move your senior into a memory care facility.

They Receive Personalized Care

Your loved one receives the best memory care possible in a senior living facility. There are many facilities that offer personalized memory care that is tailored to your senior and their family, interests and lifestyle. The staff also provides assistance with daily tasks as needed, as well as company to ensure your senior is not feeling lonely or isolated.

They Are Monitored Around The Clock

When you look into a Memory Care Facility in Fairfax, VA, you can take comfort in knowing they are monitored around the clock. The community is secured with keypad access, egress doors and alarmed exit doors. A reliable staff also keeps an eye on all residents, and they offer 24-hour assistance to residents who need it.

You Have The Help You Need

There is no doubt that you love your senior, but taking care of someone who is suffering from memory loss is a big task. The staff at a senior living facility specializes in illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. You have time to take care of yourself, but you can also take comfort in knowing your senior is receiving the proper care.

If you are looking for Memory Care Facility in Fairfax, VA, that offer memory care, consider The Virginian Retirement Community as your first option.

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