Three Benefits That Make Choosing Laser Lipo In Scranton PA A Smart Decision For Patients

If you’re dealing with suborn unwanted fat on your body, you may be looking into liposuction as a viable option for getting rid of it. Fortunately, advanced laser technology has brought about significant improvements in this procedure, allowing for better comfort and smoother results. For those who want to gain a trimmer body through liposuction, consider the following reasons why a laser procedure could be your best bet:

Better Satisfaction

Simply put, many patients find that laser liposuction gives them a better body. First, using a laser means not having to worry about the often uncontrolled and uneven fat removal results that you get with a larger cannula. The laser energy does a good job of melting the fat on your body so that it is removed more easily. Also, Laser Lipo Scranton PA encourages a tighter retraction of your skin tissue, which means that many patients are able to enjoy the benefit of smoother body contours after the procedure as compared to traditional liposuction.

Less Downtime

Those who are seriously considering having a liposuction procedure may be concerned about the amount of time that it will take for them to recover from the surgery. With more traditional liposuction, you could be looking at weeks of recovery time, significant bruising at the liposuction site, and having to wear a compression garment for six or more weeks. Laser Lipo Scranton PA offers significant advantages over traditional treatment in that it results in minimal bruising (due to more precise fat removal) and only requires a few days of downtime with about three additional weeks of wearing a compression garment.

Increased Comfort

Laser liposuction only requires local anesthesia instead of the general anesthesia you’ll receive with traditional liposuction procedures. That fact in and of itself should let patients know that the laser procedure is often the most comfortable one. Smaller incisions, smaller cannulas, and less fat scraping mean less bruising and less pain for patients, which can reduce the need for pain medication during the recovery period after he procedure. With laser liposuction, you’ll be able to comfortably live your life after you leave the office.

Although traditional liposuction may be an option for some, the increased comfort and smoother results that Laser Lipo Scranton PA can give you definitely make the procedure worth considering. Contact the team at Viva Body Contouring Scranton PA today to find out more about how you can sculpt the body of your dreams. Browse website for more information. Click here for more information.



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