The Importance Of Proper Ankle Care And Treatment

Your ankles are an essential part of your anatomy. They move up and down in order to help you walk and run without issue. While your ankle may seem like a simple part of the body, they have an important function and should therefore receive the proper care and treatment.

Ankle Anatomy

Your ankle is composed of three different bones, several ligaments and tendons, blood vessels and nerves. The three bones come together with an area of articular cartilage between the bones. This is what helps the bones move against one another easily without pain. When the ankles are properly functioning, they can support one and a half times your total body weight when you are standing or walking, as well as eight times your weight when you are running.

Even though the ankle only consists of three bones, it is one of the most commonly injured areas of your body. Injuries that take place to the ankle can be mild to severe.

Ankle Sprains

The ankle sprain is one of the most common lower leg injuries. They typically occur when your ankle rolls or twists in an awkward outward or inward motion. The ankle sprain involves the tendons or ligaments of your ankle being torn when the injury occurs. While this is a minor injury for most people, if you do not receive proper Ankle Care treatment in a timely manner, it can cause permanent damage and leave you vulnerable to additional injuries down the road.

Tendon Injuries

Besides the bones, the other structure that is injured often is the Achilles tendons. These run from the bottom of the calf muscle down the back of your ankle and into the heel bone. If the Achilles tendon becomes ruptured, either completely or partially, it can prevent your foot from being able to flex up or down. This often occurs when you are jumping.

Ankle Fractures

Your bones are extremely durable and hard, but they are not completely immune to being fractured. The bones of your ankle can become broken during an accident, fall or some other

type of trauma. While you may be able to walk after your ankle is fractured, it is essential that you have it evaluated right away in order to ensure there is no permanent damage to your ankle.

While most injuries to the ankle are considered minor, it is important that you have them treated in a timely manner. Doing this will help to prevent further damage.

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