The Benefits Of One Hour Laser Teeth Whitening In New York

You have likely heard about the significant advancements in teeth whitening, whether you want to do it at home or the dentists’ office. However, at-home treatments rarely work because they don’t have enough of the gel that whitens the tooth. However, one-hour laser options are available in New York from your dentist, where you can have a pearly white smile quickly and safely.

This option is one of the most expensive versions available, but it does get the job done quickly and efficiently. In some cases, your smile could be whitened by up to 10 shades lighter. The procedure is simple and includes hydrogen peroxide solution being painted onto the teeth. A strong laser light is then used on the teeth to speed up the process of lightening, which is why it is so popular.


Many times, you feel that you don’t have enough time to go to the dentist and have a lengthy procedure, even one that you want. However, most people have at least one hour available to do something for themselves.

The time problem is also present when you consider at-home treatments because they take so long to see any result. With laser whitening, you’ll instantly see results.

One Treatment

Many procedures require multiple treatments, meaning multiple visits to the dentist. However, this treatment will only need to be done once. While it isn’t permanent, it can last for upwards of six months, depending on what you eat and drink and how well you care for your teeth. In most cases, you can schedule the procedure at the same time as your regular cleaning and checkup so that you can get everything done at once without having to make two trips.


While nothing seems to be permanent in life, a simple treatment can whiten your teeth for about six months. Of course, the time it lasts will depend on what you do. If you regularly drink dark sodas, coffee and tea, you may find that you’ll need to have your teeth whitened more frequently. The same is true if you eat some foods or smoke cigarettes, which can both stain the teeth.

Rarely Any Side Effects

Hydrogen peroxide can be irritating to the gums, which is why you shouldn’t perform the treatment yourself. Dentists understand the risks and apply the solution carefully so as not to cause any irritation or burning.

One-hour laser teeth whitening will allow you to whiten your smile quickly and be on your way.

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