The Benefits of Following an HCG Diet

by | May 5, 2015 | Health

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Health and wellness is a major concern in the United States today. From the White House to the health care facilities to individuals in homes, everyone is concerned about and is promoting health and wellness. One of the programs being employed is that of weight loss. People are trying various remedies, exercises and diets in an attempt to get rid of excess weight. A popular method that is being tried is referred to as the hCG Diet. The hCG in this diet stands for “human Chorionic Gonadotropin.” It is the hormone that pregnant women produce early on in the pregnancy that will allow them to use stored fat as energy.

By using this hormone, it is obvious that it can be used in other beneficial ways, such as for losing weight. In fact, by taking hormone injections of hCG and combining it with a low calorie diet, this method has proven to be very effective for losing weight in a rapid, but safe manner. The hormone injections are given in rounds, each lasting from 21 to 49 days. If the dieter needs more rounds, he or she can get them until the desired weight goal is reached.

Some of the benefits that have been seen in trying the hCG Diet include but are not limited to being able to lose about 20 to 40 pounds a month, being a safe method of rapidly losing weight, not feeling hunger while trying this diet and being simple to follow. Other things seen about this diet that differs from other diets are that there are no long term restrictions on the diet and that the diet is not addictive.

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