The Basics Of Biofeedback

Athletes have used a variety of biofeedback techniques for years to improve their performance. Today, thanks to therapists that are trained in these methods, anyone in NYC can learn to control specific aspects of their physical body.

One of the ways that biofeedback in NYC is used is to identify and control the body’s natural reactions to stressful situations. This specific process, known as Heart Rate Variability or HRV, allows the individual to learn to recognize and respond to the changes in the physical body that signal stress.

By learning this method, individuals in NYC can use the technique to help to control emotional responses, increase reaction speed, increase resilience, and even improve physical and mental performance.

What to Expect

The therapist will discuss the option of using biofeedback to help you to achieve your desired goals. This is discussed in advance of the session. During the session, state-of-the-art, highly sensitive devices are used to continually monitor specific body information. This includes heart rate, breathing, brain waves, or even temperature based on the goals and plan developed for treatment.

This information is signaled to you through specific cues. Lights may flash, you may hear beeping sounds, or you may watch the real-time data on a monitor. As you work with the therapist you can see when your body begins to respond and learn how to deliberately change your breathing rate, relax muscles, or changes in heart rate.

Through the process, you learn to recognize the signals from your body without the need for equipment. This allows you to continually and effortlessly make the physiological changes to bring about your desired state.

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