Take Charge of Emergency Room Billing and More

Today, collections for emergency room billing are rarely ever done in any emergency medical environment. Traditional billing generally does not work. Today more than ever accounts receivable are higher in debt than ever before. Much time is wasted by medical staff trying to collect payments and deal with claims when their focus could be utilized in more important ways. Many practices are using full service solutions to achieve full compliance and optimize their revenue. DuvaSawko Emergency Medical Billing and Management Solutions is more than just a third party billing company. We are the asset you need to relieve you of all the nuances involved in emergency room billing and coding and accounts receivable as well as efficient claim management and more.

Expert Management

Our company is owned and operated by emergency physicians who are experts in managing all details concerning credentialing, billing and coding. We recognize that the emergency room billing process is a dynamic one that has its own ongoing regulatory updates, provider changes, and payer issues. We were formed on this basis alone and have developed our own state of the art billing software and analytics programs to help your practice collect money.

Expert Billing Management

The medical practice management solutions that we provide at DuvaSawko Emergency Medical Billing and Management Solutions will help your practice to stabilize as well as improve your overall office management including billing, coding, and accounts receivable. Our proprietary software and analytics programs guarantee positive results.

Our seasoned expert professionals make it their duty to analyze every single area of your practice, providing you with the advice you need to improve the guidelines and standard procedures within your management structure immensely.

At DuvaSawko Emergency Medical Billing and Management Solutions we are well aware that emergency room billing processes will never remain static. The constantly altering mechanics of these systems requires vigilant attention to be managed successfully. We stay on top of every new, updated or altered regulation, all of the relationships your practice has established with payers, your contracts and claims, and any provider changes so that your staff can focus on what matters most: patient care.

How Our Systems Can Improve Your System

The systems management we provide for you at DuvaSawko Emergency Medical Billing and Management Solutions help gets many areas of your practice under control, such as:

Emergency Medical Billing and Coding for Physicians

1. Fee Scheduling

2. Analysis of Staffing Models and Documentation

3. Reviews of Budget and Facility Contracts

Our experienced staff has expert medical training and experience with emergency room billing. Our reputation remains unbeatable in providing quality service and results which immensely improve our clients coding and billing practices and so much more.

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