Situations That Call for Help From In Home Nurses in Lanham MD

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Senior Care

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While there are times when remaining in the hospital is the most practical arrangement, other situations call for returning home to complete the recovery. When this is the case, considering the idea of In Home Nurses in Lanham MD makes a lot of sense. Here are some examples of when arranging for this kind of in home care is the right move.

After Surgery

The surgery went well, and the medical team feels that the patient can finish recuperating at home. There is the need for some supervision since the patient will need to perform some physical therapy each day and also avoid heavy lifting. Taking medication on time is also something that must be done in order to complete the recovery. With the aid of In Home Nurses in Lanham MD, the patient can settle into a daily routine that makes it possible to grow a little stronger each day.

Help for Those with Limited Mobility

While the need for help in the home is short-term in some cases, other patients will need support on an ongoing basis. This is certainly true for a patient who has experienced a partial loss of mobility due to an accident or an extended illness. Having a nurse who is present in the home will make it easier to adjust to the new circumstances. That nurse can provide support in terms of supervising meals, helping the patient learn to make the most of whatever mobility is left, and ensure any medication that must be taken is administered on time.

End of Life Care

Having a nurse in the home can also make it possible for people with terminal illnesses to live out their final days in a setting that is familiar and comfortable. Since there is no hope of recovery, the focus is on making sure the patient is as comfortable as possible. This will include working with caregivers to ensure the patient has clean bedding, pays attention to personal hygiene, and has medication to help control any pain that is present.

For those who would like to know more about in home nursing care, Visit business Name today. Even if the support is not needed at the present time, it pays to know who to call when the need does arise.

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