Signs It’s Time to Ask an Orlando doctor about Balance Testing

You may notice that you feel shaky or unstable when you reach for something on a high shelf. Or your head may spin if you turn around quickly or sit up too suddenly. These are feelings that can happen to any person from time to time, but they can also be a sign of a more serious issue. Look at the symptoms listed below to see if they continue for long periods or impede your daily life. If so, you should ask your doctor about a balance test.


When you are experiencing dizziness, you may be standing still, but you can feel like you are moving, gliding or whirling. There are also times you feel so faint that you need to sit down. Because many parts of your body are involved in keeping you balanced, any of these can be having trouble. Your brain, inner ear, eyes, nerves, spine, and feet are all integral parts. Get balance testing in Orlando if your dizziness lingers or starts making you fall.

Loss of balance

Balance within your body means you are handling your own weight evenly so that you stay steady and upright. When you have trouble doing this, you may accidentally bump into items around your home. Or you may trip and fall more often than you should. This can come from minor issues like dehydration or tiredness, if you are having the symptoms described you should get balance testing in Orlando to find out if more serious causes are the reason.

MD Diagnostic Specialists can give you more information about balance testing in Orlando. Information about their practice is available at

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