Seeing a Veterinary Hospital in Richmond for Puppy Diarrhea

Bacteria are mostly harmless things that keep the system balanced. They can also be very harmful for a dog and they usually appear in very large numbers. One of the most harmful issues that many pet owners disregard is diarrhea. If your pet has had loose stools for more than 24 hours, seek council from a local Veterinary Hospital Richmond.

What does an owner do when their dog has diarrhea? A dog with diarrhea should not eat for 24 hours, but it is imperative they continue to drink water. A dog with diarrhea should drink water but do so in small and frequent amounts. Remember that dogs with diarrhea tend to eliminate lots of fluids and constantly pushing water counteracts the risk of dehydration.

Fasting is the most important issue, but there may be other causes like kidney failure when a visit the vet becomes vital. Once the 24 hours are up, care must be taken to restore the dog’s diet. A soft, friendly diet will not cause any further damage to its stomach. Choose a diet low in fat and easy to digest, do not give the dog anything you think will harm it.

A bowl of cooked rice with some boiled chicken or fish is a good home meal to help dogs rebuild their strength. If the cause is food, a diet of rice with fish or chicken is a good start, provided there is no known allergy to these foods. Distributing food in three or four servings spread throughout the day is better than offering all the food at once: The dog’s stomach has had diarrhea so you should be delicate, and not force the issue. Your local Veterinary Hospital Richmond may also suggest rice water. Combine a cup of rice and a glass of cold water and let it sit overnight. In the morning give the dog the mixture. Click here for more details.

A dog’s diarrhea may be temporary. In these cases, the condition usually disappears within a few days, with proper care. Among them, a soft diet offered in small portions is a must. However, on other occasions, there are signs that warn that the diarrhea is more serious. These are some of the symptoms that must be addressed urgently to go to the vet form. To find out what these are, contact Business Name.

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