Remember Your Pet’s Teeth as Well

According to the ASPCA, in the United States alone there are an estimated 70 to 80 million pet dogs and 74 to 95 pet cats. That means that 37% to 47% of homes have at least one dog and 30% to 37% of homes have cats. Obviously since the pet population has grown by leaps and bounds the veterinarian business has as well, but finding a vet who is also well-versed in pet dental care can be a bit difficult still. There is a veterinary hospital in Harwood Heights that can help make your pet’s visits calm and easy.

Your Pets Teeth are Crucial

Far too many owners never think about their pets’ teeth until there is a problem. Just like your teeth, your pet’s teeth need to be taken care of.  Their teeth need to be brushed regularly and the earlier you start that practice the easier it will be. If they get an infection, the pain can stop them from eating or even drinking. It can make them severely ill and cause their teeth to fall out. It can even mean surgery to remove teeth from their mouth. That is why regular dental cleanings are also so important.

Find the Best Clinic for Animal Dental Health

* A pet dentist should be board certified so as with your own dentist make sure to check out his or her credentials.
* Make sure they offer a full range of services: x-rays, anesthetics, tooth repair, surgery and treatments for oral diseases.
* Before any dental word is performed on your pet, make sure both you AND your pet feels comfortable with the dental vet. If your animal is skittish or uneasy, you may have to have one or two more meeting before any procedures can be done.

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