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Having a child can be an exciting time in a couple’s life, especially with their first child. However, the excitement can be quickly dashed when the couple has trouble reproducing. While fertility problems can occur with both problems, often with females the issue can be they are not producing enough eggs to get pregnant. This is highly common with women between the ages of 30 and 40 when they have a decreased amount of eggs. Especially, since women usually only produce one egg each time they ovulate. That is why when you are having trouble conceiving, you should consult a specialist to find out if ovulation treatment in San Francisco, CA is an option for you.

What is the Treatment and What to Expect
Ovulation treatment in San Francisco, CA area consists of the female taking medication that is designed to increase how many eggs they produce during their cycle. Instead of producing one egg, they will often release multiple eggs that can be fertilized by sperm to create an embryo. During this treatment, the dosage of the medication is determined by a specialist on what is necessary to produce the eggs that will be fertilized through intrauterine insemination or intercourse. The female will have to be closely monitored during the process to ensure they are receiving the right treatment. You should keep in mind by producing more eggs, it can increase the chance of having multiple babies during the pregnancy.

Call Today to Consult a Specialist
Laurel Fertility Care uses the latest treatments and technology available to assist their patents in successfully conceiving a child. Whether you need to improve how many eggs you are producing or want to freeze your eggs until you are ready to have children later. They offer the solution you need and the compassion that you deserve.

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