Preparing Mentally And Physically To See A Miami Physical Therapist

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Health

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Whether you’ve had surgery, an injury, or you’ve discovered that it’s difficult to move around as easily as it was when you were younger, a physical therapist can offer assistance. While at the office, you’ll usually discuss why you need help moving and the best activities that can be performed for your health. Here are a few details about what to expect when you seek physical therapy services Miami FL doctors provide.

Ask Questions
Prepare a list of questions to ask when you arrive at your appointment. You need to be comfortable with the therapist you’re seeing and know that the person has treated your condition before. Ask about the activities that you’ll be asked to perform and if there are any solutions available for comfort if you experience any pain during your sessions.

One of the things to keep in mind when you seek physical therapy services Miami FL doctors offer is that you’re going to move around. Wear clothing that is comfortable and not restricting. Your therapist will need to have easy access to the area of the body that is impacted, which means that you don’t want to wear a tight shirt if you have a shoulder injury.

The first appointment will usually involve reviewing your health and determining your range of motion. You’ll talk about the goals that you have and how your therapist will help you reach those goals with the treatments that can be provided. You’ll also discuss how often you need to visit the office until you’re able to do some of the activities on your own or the injury has healed.

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