Pediatric Food Allergy Treatment in Birmingham, AL

Most food allergies are diagnosed in childhood, making pediatric Food Allergy Treatment in Birmingham, AL a common concern for many parents. The best treatment for most food allergies is to simply avoid the foods that trigger allergic reactions. However, sometimes that simply isn’t possible, which is why specializing pediatricians offer a variety of other services to their patients.

Milk and Soy Allergies

Often the first allergies to be diagnosed in children are milk and soy allergies. Parents of babies who suffer from allergic reactions when they consume formula may want to look into specially prepared formulas or ensure that their infants drink only breast milk.

Treating Food Allergies

For those with severe food allergies, Food Allergy Treatment in Birmingham, AL can literally be a matter of life and death. Anaphylaxis, one of the most serious allergic reactions, must be treated immediately, which is why many doctors prescribe epinephrine to their patients who suffer from severe food allergies. Epinephrine is administered via a shot that must be given immediately after the reaction occurs.

Oral Immunotherapy

Food oral immunotherapy may provide a solution to some patients who suffer from food allergies. This process is still being studied, but the goal is similar to environmental allergy immunotherapy. The patient takes small daily doses of the allergen by mouth under the close supervision of his or her physician, with the goal of making the immune system tolerate the food allergen.

Improved Knowledge of Allergic Reactions

For children who suffer from severe food allergies, the best medicine is absolutely prevention. That’s why it’s so important that parents learn about their allergies and allergic triggers, and share this information with any caregivers including babysitters, family members, and teachers. Children should always be admitted to a hospital for observation following an allergic reaction.

Finding a Specialist

The first step toward addressing a food allergy is to find a pediatric specialist who can diagnose the allergy and suggest treatment options. Parents can find more information online about available treatments, but only a qualified physician can offer a valid medical opinion as to the best course of action.

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