Options Are Available To Manage Pain After Being In A Car Accident

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Healthcare

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After being involved in a car accident, you could experience pain that doesn’t always present itself right away. At other times, the pain associated with a car accident could be severe, resulting in the need to seek medical treatment right away. There are a few options that you have regarding car accident pain relief Jacksonville FL doctors can provide.


Try to stay as hydrated as possible after a car accident by drinking water each day. If your muscles have the water that they need and the other nutrients to stay healthy, then it’s often easier for the healing process to take place. A decrease in the amount of water in your body can sometimes result in muscle cramps, which can exacerbate the pain from your injuries.


Sometimes, massage therapy is an option for car accident pain relief Jacksonville FL doctors and therapists can provide. If you’re working with a physical therapist, then you’ll discuss the treatment plan that is best for your injuries. Treatments will usually begin slowly as your therapist adds new massages and movements each week. Some of the various massage techniques include stone therapy and deep tissue massage.


If your pain is severe, then your doctor will likely prescribe some kind of pain medication to take for at least a short time until you’re able to better manage your pain or until your injuries are healed. Injections are an option to consider as well if you don’t want to take medications orally. Your doctor will likely monitor your injury and adjust the amount of pain medication that you take so that you can gradually stop taking it when you have the relief that you need and after you’re healed. Minor injuries can often be treated with medications that you have at home or that you can get over the counter.

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